Company principles

What drives us.


What we do brings pleasure and profit!

Based on this company motto we have established the following PRINCIPLES for our path to the future.

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We are a modern company!

Our employees are enthusiastic about new approaches and technologies. We work with modern communication tools, management techniques and manufacturing methods.

We offer outstanding material and manufacturing expertise!

Our staff possess broad technical skills and knowhow.

We maintain a project-oriented approach!

Our employees independently combine their competencies in teams, which enables them to develop and jointly implement optimal solution processes.

We trust our staff!

Our employees assume responsibility and have confidence in the decisions of the management.

Each and every staff member is important!

Our employees are qualified, skilled and competent. They have a direct influence on the company’s success.

We promote and reward our high performers!

Our employees know that good work pays off.

FLUHR employees are responsible and speak for themselves!

Our employees know that every individual can make a mark.

Talks and meetings create an atmosphere of positive energy, motivation and inspiration!

Our employees love attending the meetings and feel part of the process.

We are a high quality manufacturer of display solutions with special competence in the field of greeting card presentation.

Our employees embody this expertise.

Our distribution channels suit our products and customers!

Our employees are attentive and respond to the market.

We are highly efficient and flexible!

Our employees act accordingly!

We supplement our range by cooperating with partners from all sectors!

Our employees make deliberate use of the competencies of our cooperation partners in all project stages.

FLUHR maintains a positive image!

Our employees represent the company accordingly.

We care for and support the people in our company!

Our staff want to pursue our aims together with us.

Professional and private life is equally important to us!

Our employees combine both flexibly and individually – maintaining a long-term balance.

We share the operating profits with our staff!

Our employees assume responsibility and share entrepreneurial risks.

We provide platforms and the opportunity for open and honest communication!

Our employees proactively and responsibly use these opportunities to ensure and optimise processes.

FLUHR is a strong brand!

Our employees are proud of our products and services.

Our services impress with their high level of quality!

Our staff live up to this standard.

We build on our core business whilst developing new products!

Our staff ensure the stable foundation of our company.

We focus our strategy on this vision of the future!

Our employees are aware of the strategic decisions , take this and make an active contribution to it.