Our story

Fluhr Displays - since 1947.



The company was established in 1947 by Fridolin Fluhr in Fischach where he started manufacturing wire frames for lampshades and wire mattresses in a 13 m2 wooden shed. Two years later his son Gottfried Fluhr joined the company. New wire products for the industry led to a constantly increasing growth.


1957 saw the manufacturing of the first rotating rack for greeting cards. After the death of the founder in 1964 his son Gottfried continued to operate the business true to the ideals of this father – making FLUHR one of the best-known German manufacturers of metal merchandise presentation solutions.


Gottfried M. Fluhr joined the company in 1990 and took over the management of the family-run business in the third generation following the death of his father in 2001.


Today the company is the market leader in the sector of long-term metal displays, in particular also in the area of greeting card presentation – true to the company motto “Our work is a source of pleasure and profit“.


Company founder Fridolin Fluhr, the grandfather of the present owner Gottfried M. Fluhr, is highly likely to be the inventor of the rotatable greeting card stand. With the small rotatable table stand for 12 postcards developed in 1957 he laid the foundations for the success of the sales-oriented card display systems by Fluhr which continues to this day.

High quality displays

The core business of the family-run company domiciled in Fischach, which is now in the hands of the third generation, is the development, manufacture and sales of high-quality rotatable stands for the presentation and sale of greeting cards and postcards. In addition to the standard rotatable card stands the current product family also offers a design line.

Industry partner

Our service range also includes the development and manufacture of so-called technical products, for example for the supplier industry for automotive manufacturers. These products involve wire and metal baskets which the industrial companies use as workpiece carriers in their mostly fully automated production lines.


Especially the technical sector makes high demands on the quality of the products (e.g. baskets and workpiece holders) designed and manufactured by Fluhr. Among other things clearly defined tolerances must be met with regard to surface finishing, welding points and size accuracy. In addition Fluhr Displays produces high-precision bent wire parts and laser-cut tubes.