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Standard displays start at just one picece in many cases

We have chosen a selection of different product groups to offer the retail sector an extensive range of sales solutions with short-term availability; always acting with the aim to cater to the various requirements of product carrying displays. Our sales partners provide many of these standards displays starting from one piece.

Self-service displays

“Self-service displays” are one of the most popular items in Fluhr’s display range. Fluhr Displays offers a standard solution for merchandise presentation for nearly every type of product. Our display systems are available with hooks, hook rings, baskets, multi-level, campaign trolleys and perforated plates and offer the ideal solution for your requirements.

Brochure racks

Brochures should not only be displayed, they should much rather be presented. Precisely because these silent helpers in some cases even represent entire companies it is important that they are presented accordingly. We offer small and major solutions for individual requirements and DIN sizes. No matter if you need a brochure rack for the wall, for standing on the counter or on the floor our range offers the ideal solution for your requirements.

Greeting card displays are our speciality

Greeting card displays were already manufactured at a very early point in the company history of Fluhr Displays. Among other things the first rotatable counter stand for postcards worldwide, the “TS 12” was developed and produced by Fluhr. Over the years these beginnings gave rise to an extensive greeting card display range that covers all types of card formats, like mini cards, postcards, greeting cards up to maxi cards. The selected standard greeting card stand range is always kept up to date with the current trends and preferences of the market and was last supplemented with our design line for sophisticated shop fitting requirements. Fluhr card display stands are now used all around the globe. And with good reason. We offer quality products at reasonable prices!

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